Industrial Welding Services: QCA Central provides professional, top-tier welding for our customers projects. Welding is the process of taking two different materials using heat and energy and joining them together. The two materials are joined together to create a seal or a joint, successfully making an end product.

Welding is a pivotal aspect of industrial fabrication, and at QCAC, we pride ourselves in creating the most efficient and effective welding services. Since 1996, our company has welded parts by American hands right here in the United States.

We are equipped with a welding department with the best and most efficient welding machines, grinders, and employees, who are expertly trained in the profession of welding. Our welding department has the capability of assembling metal pieces using welding prints supplied by our customers or created by QCAC. We fix broken or rusted metal parts or assemblies and work with customers to create their own custom fabrications, which include metal trailers, metal signs, stairways, etc. We also offer on-site welding for a fee.

Quality Measurements: We sell our welding time by the hour. We use our Shop E2 quote generating system integrating the price for the part, service and material used for the project.

Our Process: Our machines take on average 15 minutes to set up for each part. Welding takes an average of 1 minute/inch each depending on the material. The thicker the material, the longer it will take, as the welder will need to stop and check the tolerance on the print.