Industrial Powder Coating, Plating, Polishing: The QCA Central Finishing Department was created with the highest-quality tools, ovens, painting materials and products to finish parts manufactured in-house. We use industrial powder coating, plating, polishing services to make your project clean, crisp and immediately ready for installation when you receive your shipped order.

In order to comply with producing the highest quality products on the market, we have invested in the following tools and applications:

  • Finishing oven measures 20ft by 9ft for small or large parts and assemblies
  • Wagner Powder Coat Gun for spray
  • Mobile Racks for holding parts along with various size and type of hooks for the specific part

Our Process: Powder Coating is a dry finishing process that provides a functional (protective) and decorative finish in a range of colors and textures. The process of finishing begins when an operator cleans the part and mixes fresh paint, specified by the customer. The operator checks visually for any paint defects and assures that every batch put through to the next step meets our high expectations.

Next, the operator will stack the painted parts onto a pallet and send the pallet down the assembly line to the next station. We offer an assortment of colors for your project.

The make span for any part will vary and depend on the part submitted, as well as the complexity, color needed (a new color will take about a week to order and receive), and the material.

Normally, a part in our painting department will take 60 minutes or more depending on the number of parts needed. For example, some companies require over 1,000 parts. Our operator can make 150 parts in 60 minutes, which equates to 6.75 hours total for the project scope.

We provide customer-defined surface finishes for products such as: handrails, road signs, lock boxes, window armor, brackets, sockets, frames, panels, awnings, wheels/rims.