CNC machining is a process that uses both a human aspect and a machining process. The machining process involves a pre-programmed input to a computer or its software in order to direct the machine to cut, fold, and design a product quickly and effectively. CNC makes it easy for fabricators like us to provide a wide range of options for cutting and laser services for even the most complex projects.

What is CNC machining? CNC machining is an abbreviation for the term “computer numerical control,” which seems relatively straightforward. Essentially, CNC machining requires the user to put precise directions (measurements) into the machine that then completes the job.

Before CNC was on the scene, the same tasks the machine does were done by the human eye and human hands. These operators manually would take, measure, cut, and control the machines with a series of plugs, wheels, levers, and wheels. This system was effective, yet with the high-quality CNC technology we see now, the job is more precise and faster than ever before.

Once a CNC machine or system has been installed, cuts are programmed into the machine based on what the customer wants, and the programmer installs. These pre-programmed measurements then communicate to the CNC machine what needs to be cut and designed. Similar to a robot, the CNC machine will produce a final product that is a direct reflection of the pre-programmed dimensions.

What is CNC manufacturing used for? There is such a wide range of capabilities CNC can be used for. QCA Central can do it all. We have been in the industry using CNC machines as long as the technology has been around.

Likewise, as trends and industry standards change, we believe we are already at the forefront of the natural evolution these trends take. If there is a machine that will get the job done best, we upgrade. When our staff needs to be trained on a new concept or advancement in technology, we provide the training.

What technology do we use at QCA Central? In addition to employing the best and highest quality men and women to program a CNC machine, and inspecting the process and final product, we also ensure we have the best machines in CNC manufacturing.

We have two vertical machining centers: Our Fadal Vertical Machining Centers are equipped with two 16×30 tables and 7000 RPM Spindles. These machines allow for large and small projects to be produced. The Fadal Vertical Machining also offers customers the ability to have a faster turnaround time, as these machines get the job done very quickly and efficiently.