Press Brake

Industrial CNC Press Brake Services: QCA Central has 3 different machines with a wide range of capabilities to produce and ship your parts in record time and with the highest quality.

Our press brake and industrial CNC Press Brake Services are created using the following automation:

  • Durma 12ft, 175 ton press brake.
  • Guifil 8ft 25 ton press brake.
  • Accurpress 6 ft., 60 ton press brake.
  • Accurpress 12ft, 175 ton press brake.
  • Accurpress 14 ft., 175 ton press brake.
  • Roper Whitney 10 ft. folding machine model AB1011KG

Our Process: The 12ft Accurpress has individual tooling and die parts. However, the remaining brakes have interchangeable tools and share a specific set. The brake press is set up by one of our expert operators or a qualified area supervisor. Before processing a supervisor or operator will test a piece of scrap material.

On average, it takes about 1 hour for the complete set-up time and tooling change for every new part that goes through one of the brakes.

Much like our other departments, our in-house parts are designed in Solidworks and then cut on the designated machine, de-burred and stacked on a pallet. Each bend takes approximately 1 to 2 minutes, depending on the size of the part. The part or parts are then checked by a supervisor or operator, stacked, and sent to the next area.